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Bengal Business Council Summit going on In Kolkata



Who are they :-They are a newly formed organisation of Bengali-run business establishments which include credible business organizations from diverse sectors. The intention is to bring together Bengali business houses from all over the world to develop camaraderie and trust and imbibe the sense of entrepreneurship in the Bengali community.

For the first time in recent history, Bengalis have come together to form a council of their own to foster entrepreneurship and networking amongst themselves and to further entrepreneurial cultivation in the Bengali youth.

Their Objectives:-

  1. Education Programmes & Public Awareness Campaigns to achieve the mission
  2. Build relationships for credible vendor-sourcing and business development within the council
  3. Build a credible referral culture for enabling members’ business development through linkages outside the council
  4. Advocacy through government channels and other industry bodies
  5. Public Relations and Media Management for propagating the activities of the council
  6. Manage Secretarial Affairs for benefit of the organization and its members.

During their programme Shri Rajib Chawla eas present in Kolkata.

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