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Bengali assiciation gearing up for Durgotsav with strict covid 19 guidelines | Mom is coming to Arizona! Shiuli futuk nai futuk, Grand Canyon today is autumn tomorrow …– News18 Bangla


# Phoenix: There is no pujo pujo smell in the air. There is no crowd in the patchwork of Pujo market in Goriyahat. There is no dew or hyacinth in the backyard in the morning. The raft of those blue clouds in the sky, he is not there. The pujo pujo tune of arrival in the daily life is also missing. No, no, there is no Pujo holiday in the crowd.

But there is little care for Bengalis. He is reluctant to make any compromise in his fourteen episodes in twelve months. And that is why Mother (Durga Puja 2021 | (BCAA Arizona)) came from Calcutta after crossing seven seas and thirteen rivers. She was surrounded by the people of two Bengalis.

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It would not be an exaggeration to say oasis in the middle of the desert. One such city is Phoenix, the largest city in southwestern Arizona, USA. Many well-known companies like Boeing, Intel, Amazon have been working for several years. The small town has three large government universities. There are also several private universities and community colleges.

Tourists from all over the world come to Arizona all year round to see the amazing natural beauty. One of the reasons is the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Seven Wonders. Sedona, the red mountain valley like the picture, seems to be calling tourists by hand. Anagona therefore has a migratory mind. A total of 6 million people live in this state; But the people of Vine-State are always traveling here.

A large number of Bengali people have been living here for decades, combining the two Bengalis. So Pujo-Parvan (Durga Puja 2021 | BCAA Arizona) has been organized for about 35 years. The 2020 pujo for Atimari was very brief. But this year the situation is a little better. That is why the Bengali mind no longer wants to be stuck at home during Pujo.

Yet there are doubts. The third push of the coronavirus, the delta variant is making the eyes water. However, in the midst of so much uncertainty, one by one the magic is organizing all the events one by one. Shri Abir Bhattacharya, President of Bengali Cultural Association of Arizona (Durga Puja 2021 | BCAA Arizona) was talking about their plans for Durga Puja.

Artists come from Kolkata to Mumbai every year, this year is an exception Artists come from Kolkata to Mumbai every year, but this year is an exception …

He said that this time a lot of attention has been paid to the rules of Kovid during the celebration of Pujo. Pujo day is fixed from October 15 to 18, Fri, Sat, Sun. Abir said that all the ceremonies and pujas will be done in accordance with the CDC rules. This means that you will need to be vaccine proof above 12 years of age and you will have to wear a mask in the indoor environment.

And like the five expatriate pujos, this pujo of the weekend will have the banana wife bath of Saptami, Anjali of Ashtami and Sindurkhela of Dashmi at the end of the ninth night. There will be cultural programs around Pujo every day. Dances, songs, dramas are being transformed into cultural programs of different tastes every evening. However, BCAA president Abir said that no artist from Mumbai or Kolkata has any plans this time. The preparation phase of Pujo has already started. It started with the decoration of the mandapa. The rest of the work is progressing fast. Besides, rehearsals of dance, song and drama are going on.

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The idol of BCAA is worshiped but not abandoned. Mother Durga is carefully kept in an air-conditioned room. The Bengali residents of Phoenix have been worshiping this idol for more than 15 years.

The organization and preparation that is going on after overcoming the overcrowding is quite promising. The rehearsal of the cultural program is going on, the last minute outfit of Durga Mother’s Pujo is going on. And in this way, with the blessings and strength of the decapods, these inhabitants of Phoenix are continuing their intense efforts to return to normal life by gradually facing the power of ‘Coronasur’.

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