Biden on Taliban: Time until August 31, Biden warns of ISIS-Taliban alliance

#Kabul: Speaking for the first time since the handover of power to Afghanistan by the Taliban, US President Joe Biden said, “It is up to the people to decide whether the Taliban want the good of the people and the support of the rest of the country as a legitimate government.” The US military is determined to take action against the Taliban. Now that the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan, the Taliban-ISIS alliance has become a source of headache for the United States. In that context, the countries concerned are also going to sit in the G7 meeting.

Biden said 11,000 Americans had been repatriated within 36 hours. All US citizens will be repatriated by August 31. “I don’t think the Taliban want to establish a legitimate government,” Biden said after the Afghan occupation fell to the Taliban. On the contrary, it seems that the Taliban have not yet moved away from their eternal beliefs and ideologies. At least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first and foremost. “” It’s up to the Taliban to decide if they want the support of the rest of the world. ” The decision to withdraw the army is correct. “I think history will tell, this decision is reasonable, it was the right decision for the country,” he said.

In the meantime, new thoughts have been raised about ISIS. Kabul airport is now the only way for foreigners to leave Afghanistan. Troops from several countries, including the United States, are still at the airport. But U.S. intelligence fears ISIS could strike Kabul airport at any time.

“We have evidence of the threat of an ISIS attack,” Secretary of Defense Jack Sullivan told reporters. Such threats are being made again and again. As a result, I am giving utmost importance to such a threat. In addition to military personnel, they also target US citizens in Afghanistan.

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