London: Who doesn’t like to eat in a restaurant? It may not always be possible for everyone to go to an ‘expensive’ restaurant But sometimes you can go on a special day But in doing so, who knew that such a thing would happen One person had a heart attack when he saw Bill while having dinner at an expensive restaurant in London.

The man was shocked to see the bill that came after eating at the Nusr-Et Steakhouse restaurant. Because the amount of money in his bank account, the bill is exactly 6 Luckily he had that much money in the bank, otherwise he would be scared now. According to the Daily Mail, the incident took place while visiting the famous chef Salt Bae’s restaurant. The bill comes to 1,612 British pounds In Indian currency which is 1 lakh 61 thousand 98 rupees!

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Very few people may think that it will cost one lakh rupees to eat in a restaurant The man named Jamil Amin went to eat at the restaurant as a hobby But after seeing the bill, no more words came out of his mouth Jamil’s belongings were looted from that restaurant

It didn’t take long for the picture of this bill to spread on social media Everyone is surprised to see that netizens have so much money for dinner bills Many people have commented that it is necessary to go to a restaurant to eat It is not possible for ordinary people to bear the cost

Chef Salt Bay built the restaurant in 2016 The food there is undoubtedly great But the bill for so much money is really incredible Many people jokingly ask, is the burger that Jamil ate made of gold? Or is it the best burger in the world? Many have also questioned how a restaurant service charge can cost so much.

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