Bird Crying Like Baby In Australia Zoo: Baby Crying! Or the cries of birds! This strange sound of the zoo will surprise


Listening from a distance, many may have thought that a baby was crying. And who likes the sound of baby crying! Anyone who wants to stop crying in a hurry. But you know, there’s a bird whose cries make you think a baby is crying. From a distance, you can’t tell if it’s a bird’s call or a baby crying! Recently, a zoo in Sydney, Australia, shared a video of the bird crying on social media. Many people are surprised to hear the sound of the bird’s cry. Just watching the video and hearing the sound will make it seem as if a child is crying endlessly.

Sydney’s Tarunga Zoo authorities shared the video on Twitter. Listening to the call of birds in that video will make it seem as if a child is constantly crying. The name of this bird is Lairbird. Lian Golbowski, the zoo’s unit supervisor, said the birds could mimic different sounds. Many times this bird makes a sound that sounds like the horn of a car. This bird can imitate the sound of baby’s laughter again. Zoo authorities have often been surprised to hear the various calls of the Lair Bird. According to the zoo supervisor, this bird can remember anything for a long time. The bird remembers the sound when it hears it. These birds call differently at different times.

This video is known to be from the Corona Lockdown. The supervisor said that at some point, maybe a child came to the zoo. At that time the baby came in front of the bird cage and was crying a lot. And the bird remembers the sound of the baby crying. After that the bird is calling by imitating the sound of the child’s crying.

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