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Bizarre: Head cut off, Frog still jumps, video goes viral


#Otoba: No one ever thought that in this age of scientific progress, such an epidemic would spread And as a result, different countries of the world have to be locked down People are absolutely stunned by what is happening since 2020 Which could not be imagined Alliance Left UFO – It is not impossible to create a situation that can be seen face to face. Now people know what a zombie is? According to the old Bengali literature, which is a shoulder-cut ghost! Those who live even after death 6 One such bizarre scare frog video has gone viral on social media. He was still alive a few hours after being beheaded

One person was surprised to see a bank with its head cut off A 32-year-old man from Ottawa, Canada, made the video and uploaded it on social media, which went viral. The uploader recorded the scene when he saw the beheaded bank jump He was able to breathe after his head was cut off He did not have any difficulty in getting his head cut off When the video was being made, he also jumped towards the video he made

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People with weak hearts will not watch this weird (Bizarre) viral video.

The netizen said it was a zombie frog, meaning it was actually a ghost frog The frog with the severed head can understand that someone has come around him and he starts jumping At first, when he saw a strangely cut head jumping in the bank, he screamed in fear How is the frog breathing? According to biology professors, it is not uncommon for frogs to breathe even after being beheaded.

After sharing this video on social media, it became a viral video to be bizarre despite being so horrible. People are getting scared watching this video According to experts, the brain is a very important part of the body

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