#NewYork: This news is not really a story. Employees of the American Spinks agency seem to have got the moon in their hands. Huge Bonus Huge Bonus has been announced by the boss (Viral Video). And that is the joy of the workers. The news has received a huge response in the netmahaleo. Happy tide in the minds of the staff of the American Spanks company. Everyone got a bonus of seven and a half lakh rupees (Huge Bonus). Just what is it? In addition to the huge bonus, the employees of the company have also received first class tickets to any part of the world (Viral Video).

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Take action, do not expect fruit. Many people say that. But if the karma is like rain without asking for clouds? Then there is no happy address. Such is the situation of the employees of this organization. Because the owner of the company (Viral Video) has given a huge amount of money to each of his employees. Sara Blakely, the owner of the Spanks Company, made this sudden announcement at a get-together of the company (Huge Bonus). He was speaking at the event with his youngest daughter. That’s when the announcement of this amazing decision (Huge Bonus) was heard all over.

While speaking at the company Get Together, Sara suddenly turned the globe in front of her hand (Viral Video). Then he said, “Tell me why I am rotating this globe (Viral Video). Because I am going to make a big announcement. ” The big announcement could mean a new move for the company, Spanks staff might have thought. But another explosion caused Sara (Viral Video).

Sara said she would pay a ীকে 10,000 bonus to each worker, valued at about Rs 7.5 lakh in Indian currency. In addition, everyone will be given first class tickets to and from any part of the world by air.

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After Sarah’s announcement, the staff of Spanks was overjoyed. Everyone was cheering with a glass of champagne in their hands. It is known that at one time Sara was selling fax machines from house to house. He started a lingerie company called Spinks with the money he saved from that. He recently sold the company’s shares at a hefty price. But this woman wants to share the profit with every employee, not just herself.

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