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# Sacramento: Sacramento, the capital of California, is one of the most mountainous Central Valley cities in Northern California. Intel, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Dignity, etc. have developed into a ‘multi-cultural urban hub’. At one time there were one or two Bengali organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, but today there are at least 12 to 15 Bengali organizations in the area.

The greatness of the location is not less. To the west, the Shias take the highway through the pine forest at the foot of Nevada to the natural Lake Tahi. Francisco Core Beach, Napa Wine Valley, ancient Sequoia Forest, and numerous lakes are within walking distance. If you want, you can go out with your hands on the steering wheel.

Many Indians live in Sacramento due to the wealth of medical and IT industries. Among them, Indian Bengalis have about 100 houses and Bangladeshis have more than 100 families. The shoot that some Bengalis planted 15 years ago is now Mahiruh. Shoot Sacramento is one of the Bengali cultural organizations.

Thirteenth season of shoots lasts throughout the year. Saraswati Pujo, Durgapujo, Annual Sports Picnic, Camping, Dol Purnima, Baishakhi. Nothing is left out. However, it is needless to say that the gathering at Shardiya Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) is an impeccable picture of the cultural mindset of nostalgic expatriate Bengalis.

Pujota is on a weekend. A Sat-Sun is chosen for the puja around the date of the actual Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021). Care is taken so that busy Bengalis can all participate. Again, Shardiya’s amazement is all over the mind with all its forms, juices and smells.

The boys also beat the girls in manja and pujo-posing The boys also beat the girls in manja and pujo-posing

Although the pujo lasts for a total of two and a half days, its rehearsals, arrangements, cultural events, competitions are all practiced at least three or four months before the pujo. On the stage behind Oye Fallsom High School, Banga Tanaya is wearing a belt around her waist and shouting loudly, she is actually a ghost. Yes, this time Pujo’s Bengali drama Bhuteshwar Co-operative Society’s head Miss …

On the other hand, the devotion of those who are choreographing in Rabindranath rhythm on the side of the field is not less. And when it comes to devotion, we have to talk about our old men. There was a time when the shoot with the priest had to get quite fast until a few years ago. So in the end, the Bagha Bagha software engineer doctors were sent to ‘Purohit Training’. Nowadays so is the scattering of priests.

Priests, doctors and engineers with trainingPriests, doctors and engineers with training

No matter how arrogant people outside America may be about America, the government here is a big patron of foreign culture. So there are special grants in the budgets of small towns to inspire the provincial ‘culture’. So in addition to the subscriptions of the members, the budget of the shoot is quite good.

The stage, sound, hall, lights and management are all professional standards. And if not, what will happen? Fee year Bagha Bagha artists that fly from Kolkata. That’s why Shuddhasattva alias our Sud Ghosh does not allow anyone to touch the sound equipment filled with ten trunks.

The program of the song is a drawing competition for the children, etc. The cultural team’s pujo a few days before the puja stop eating. From Ektara paper to green Punjabi and jewel coat, Debashish’s race and Sritma’s shout are reminiscent of Prabasi Pujo in ‘Dada Kirti’.

Large and small cultural events were held together Large and small cultural events were held together

And in this way the Shardiya melody was played thousands of miles away from Calcutta. And in spite of the corona-thorn, the Bengali mind is overwhelmed with the joy of Pujo by obeying all the rules and regulations. Dhang Kur Kur Kur Dhak Baddi, Ashtami Anjali, eating together, playing Sindur and then drama-dance-song. Someday the air of Sacramento will be filled with the smell of the soil of the country. What is the smell of hyacinth?

Information and photo: Devraj Gangopadhyay

(Devraj has lived in Sacramento for the past 15 years.)

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