Cambodian woman marries calf she believes to be reincarnation of her husband – News18 Bangla

#Cambodia: Even in this cruel society, the number of animal lovers is not less! Even today, many good people keep their hands in their pockets for helpless animals! But in a recent incident, a Cambodian woman took animal love to a whole new level! He married his favorite cow (Woman Marries Cow)! Because if you hear the eyes will rise to the forehead!

Khim Hong, a 64-year-old Cambodian from Southeast Asia, believes her dead husband has been reborn as a cow! So he tied the knot with the cow (Woman Marries Cow). She said that her husband Toll Khut died last year. Then suddenly a calf comes into his life! So far so good! But the old woman heard the next story, the hiccups! The calf or his hair, licking and caressing the throat, does not end here! The old woman claims that just as her dead husband kissed her, so did the calf kiss her! After that, the old woman, lost in the love of her dead husband, can no longer hold herself back, she marries the calf. (Woman Marries Cow)

Khim Hong said, the five-month-old calf with her husband’s temperament is a wonderful match! Even old woman’s children, grandchildren, relatives have been forced to believe that Tol Khut was born as a cow. The calf got up on the second floor of the house slowly at night like a toll khut! Then, Tol Khut’s pillow sleeps on his head! The old woman has made a bet that as long as she lives, she will keep the calf in her arms. After his death, his sons and daughters will take care of the calf. People from all over the country are coming to Khim Hung’s house to see such a strange thing.

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