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# Rio de Janeiro: A Brazilian woman posted a picture of herself on social media His photo has gone viral Think about what’s new, it’s always a viral picture But this time, those who see the viral photo (Viral Photo) will undoubtedly be shocked. A woman named Natalie from Brazil posted a picture of her lips In fact, the stem is deadly

Natalie from Brazil was bitten by a centipede while she was asleep. That insect bites his lips Then his shortness of breath began He was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition When he was taken to the hospital, his lips were swollen and drummed

On October 11, the woman was sleeping in her room Then at night the insect bit him The woman was admitted to the hospital with poisonous swollen lips The woman had to be hospitalized for two days According to a report in The Mirror, he had to undergo lip surgery The woman’s lips looked as if she had deliberately undergone lip surgery! It looked as if someone had pierced his upper lip The woman said she woke up in pain as if someone had spit on her lips Then he saw the centipede on the ground

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Suddenly the woman’s pain increased so much that she got up and turned on the lights He looked at his face in the mirror and saw that his lips were swollen and doubled in size, as if something had swelled He was in excruciating pain as well as severe shortness of breath He rushed to the hospital Doctors quickly gave him painkillers and allergy medicine Then the woman has to stay in the hospital for two days Then he gets without ৷

When he returned home from the hospital, he recovered a lot Then he posted the story of his terrible experience on Instagram He advised his followers to be safe from this terrible insect He said that these centipedes should not be around their houses

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