College took steps against Three students for wearing Lungi during online Exam Where are the pants? ‘Lungi’ is followed by 3 exams, I went to engineering college! – News18 Bangla

#Dinajpur: In the last two years, in the Corona situation, everything from study exams to office work has been going on at home. But in most cases, when going to school, college or office at home, the rules and regulations come to mind. This time such an incident happened. Students are punished by participating in online exams after Lungi. Three students of Haji Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology (Habiprobi) in Dinajpur, Bangladesh have been expelled, sources said (Bangladesh News). However, the teachers claim that not only to wear lungi, but also the students involved in the argument is a big step.

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According to the rules of the Academic Council, the university authorities (Bangladesh News) started taking exams on the online platform Zoom on August 4. As per the schedule, the examination of General Chemistry Course (CHE-111) of the Department of Food and Process Engineering started at 12:30 pm on September 28. During the test, the teacher in charge of inspecting the camera saw a student wearing a lungi. They were surprised.

He was expelled from Zoom after informing the concerned student that the matter was unethical to participate in the online exam (Bangladesh News). The teacher instructed another student to pull the curtain as more light entered through the window. When the student got up to pull the curtain of the window, the teacher saw him wearing a lungi. He was also kicked out of the zoom. A total of three people were not allowed to take the test. The college has also expelled the students.

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On the other hand, the three students claimed that they called the supervisor after the incident. He also could not address the issue. Many of the others who were taking the test also said that the incident was true. However, the university has said that this allegation is not true at all. Many have tested lungi later. In that case, everyone would be expelled. Why only those three people will be bar? It was decided to expel them from the online medium as they had broken the rules of the examination.

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