#London: Corona (Covid19) vaccine has been discovered but corona drugs have not yet hit the market. There are no tablets or capsules that can prevent corona. This time England is going to step in that direction. He is going to be the first home coronary medicine to come to the market of the country. The arrival of this drug in the face of the concern of Omicron infection has given hope to many.

According to an international media report, the drug Molnupiravir may be introduced in England before Christmas. Recently, the country’s health secretary Sajid Javid said this. England is about to launch a pilot project to implement this drug at the national level. How to give this medicine? The administration has said that it will be delivered to the people who are overcrowded in Corona. It will be delivered to their body within 48 hours of the corona being caught.

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According to the administration, it can greatly reduce the effects of corona on the body. This means that for those who may have had to be hospitalized or life-threatening due to corona, this drug can greatly reduce the likelihood of that in their body. As a result, the administration thinks that the number of hospital admissions can be reduced a lot. Administrative officials in England consider this step to be a landmark step. Although there is disagreement about the medicine. The chief health officer of England told a news conference shortly after the drug was introduced that the administration should be more careful about its use. Because, it is not yet known how the body will react to Omicron infection.

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The drug was developed by Merck, a US pharmaceutical company. The manufacturer has stated how it will work in the body. Initially this drug will stop the virus from replicating in the body. As a result, the number of viruses in the body will be under control, which will prevent people from spreading.

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