Covid-19 Vaccine: Death with Pfizer vaccine, heart failure

# Queensland: A woman died after taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in New Zealand on Monday. It is claimed that the woman lost her life due to the side effect of the vaccine The government has set up a special safety monitoring board with the Kovid 19 vaccine following the incident, according to the health ministry. The board agreed that the death of the lady was due to the side effects of the vaccine The woman’s age has not been announced yet

The statement said the board acknowledged the deaths were due to myocarditis Very few people have had such side effects with Pfizer’s vaccine Myocarditis causes pain in the heart muscle This reduces the ability of the heart to pump blood clots As a result, the speed of the heartbeat is lost and it can lead to death

According to the Ministry of Health, this is the first case in New Zealand where the Pfizer vaccine has been blamed for deaths after vaccination. Pfizer has not yet commented, according to Reuters. American Vaccine 8 to fight Pfizer corona This vaccine is suitable for people over 12 years of age No one has died from the vaccine in the United States so far

According to the independent board, myocarditis is probably due to vaccination The board also said the woman may have other problems This has increased due to vaccination

The government has also said that the Pfizer vaccine has helped many to survive in Corona But corona infections are on the rise in New Zealand Not a single case of corona came in 6 months but 53 new cases came in one day on Monday, currently the number of active corona patients is 562.

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