Covid death in Russia | For the first time in a year and a half, so many deaths! What is the fourth wave of Corona in Russia!

#Moscow: Did the fourth wave of the corona hit Russia? The suspicion was aroused by the covid death rate in Russia in one day. Yes, the record says that since the day Corona started, this is the first time in the last year and a half that so many Kovids have died in a single day in Russia. According to the international news agency Reuters, 752 people have died in Russia in the last 24 hours. Earlier, on September 24, the death toll in Russia exceeded 600. Russia killed 626 people that day. According to health experts, the death was due to the lethal Delta variant.

So far, more than two and a half million people have died of coronary heart disease in Russia.

But the anxiety has multiplied many times over in the past, thus increasing the death rate from infection (Covid death in Russia). Many are even discussing whether it is the fourth wave of the Corona in Russia.

Schools and colleges have recently opened in Russia. The students were going to school again. In this situation, such statistics are putting pressure on the Russian government. However, the Russian government has not yet decided whether to close the school or college.

About 21,000 people were infected with corona in Russia on Tuesday. Top officials in the administration thought the average number of infections in September could be tied to 16,000. But the infection seems to be growing faster than expected.

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In this context, the mask rules are being tightened in the Russian capital, Moscow. Moscow’s deputy mayor says the death march was due to a deadly Delta variant. Putin, meanwhile, told the media that many of his colleagues were also affected by the corona. All in all, the situation in Russia is so complicated.

Note that the vaccination rate in Russia is lower than other countries in the European Union. So far, 28 percent of people have been fully vaccinated and 32 percent have received a single dose of the vaccine.

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