Crocodile Attack: Attempts to take selfies at amusement parks with idols

Manila: Thinking of a plastic statue, at the end of the crocodile attack a bloody tourist! The incident took place at Amaya View Amusement Park in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. The name of the injured tourist is Nehemayas Chipada 7 According to a report in The Mirror, the 60-year-old tourist visited the amusement park on November 10. The video of his blood-sucking attack on a submerged reptile in the water is now viral on social media (Viral Video of Crocodile Attack).

The viral video on social media shows the man descending into a pond in an amusement park, hugging a crocodile and taking pictures. He is holding a mobile phone in one hand He wanted to take a selfie Thought it was a plastic statue of a crocodile in the water!

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After that, the 12-foot-long crocodile grabbed the left hand of the tourist Chipara and made it 8 He then grabbed her and dragged her into deep water Chipara’s relatives and other spectators who were present shouted in panic Rogelio Pamisa Antiga7, who was present, recorded the whole incident on his mobile phone He then shared it on social media

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Chipara 7 was able to free himself from the crocodile’s hand After that he was taken to the hospital Hands are bandaged Later he had to undergo surgery on his left hand Doctors said he was gradually recovering

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The family of the victim Chipadar has blamed the amusement park authorities for the incident According to them, it was necessary to issue a warning board next to the water body Their regret is that if there had been a warning board, this would not have happened However, the amusement park authorities have denied all the allegations They also assured that the injured person would be given medical assistance But they claim that part of the park is restricted In addition to the sign, they also claimed that there was a constant ban on park guides.

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