Do not curfew, so food crisis, Sri Lanka declared a state of emergency in the country!

#Colombo: The country is already in the throes of the Covid 19 virus. Curfew has been imposed to avoid mass transmission. In the meantime, Sri Lanka has become embroiled in a food crisis. The problem has become so acute that the country’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been forced to declare a state of emergency!

It is learned that the economic downturn is behind this extreme plight of Sri Lanka. On the one hand, as inflation has taken an unusual shape in the country, in response to this, the country’s private banks no longer have foreign exchange! As a result, buying food from abroad and handling the situation has become a problem for Sri Lanka.

Whenever the economic situation of the country is bad, food prices fall due to inflation, then the black market comes to the fore. History has testified to this in different countries at different times. In the case of Sri Lanka, President Rajapaksa has already taken steps to prevent the situation from escalating. It is learned that he has ordered immediate implementation of the emergency law to curb the stockpiling of two essential food items like rice and sugar. As a result, unscrupulous traders will not be able to store it.

Although an active team of investigators is also needed to enforce the law, it will not be possible to understand how the black market is operating in the country without anyone noticing. To this end, President Rajapaksa has handed over power to government officials. With this power, a group of government officials is going to take over the food items stored in the country and take legal action against the stockists.

In addition, President Rajapaksa’s government is going to maintain the price set by the government for the sale of essential food items. It is learned that the government has nominated a top official of the Army to the post of Commissioner General in order to keep the essential services active and normal. But even after all this, the people lined up in front of the country’s shops for powdered milk, cooking fuel and other food items. A 16-day curfew has been declared. Sri Lanka is constantly borrowing money from Bangladesh to solve its financial problems on the basis of currency swap policy, but the situation has not improved yet!

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