Sunday, July 3, 2022

Do not kill the snake venom! In front of the astonishing information of the Brazilian expert


# Sao Paulo: Snake venom can be used to treat corona virus Researchers in Brazil claim that a single particle of snake venom is able to prevent the growth of the corona virus. However, the actual efficacy of this poison against covid has not yet come to light Researchers hope that this substance can be seen in human cells

A study published in the scientific journal Molecules found that the jararacussu pit viper inhibited the growth of corona virus in monkey cells by 75 percent. “We have been able to show that this part of the snake venom is able to block a particular protein in the virus,” said Rafael Guido, a professor and author of research at the University of So Paulo.

This molecule peptide is a chain of amino acids that binds to the PLPro enzyme in the corona virus. Although it damages other cells, it prevents the growth of corona Experts also say that there is no need to hunt snakes and catch them jararacussu is one of the tallest snakes in Brazil It is usually 6 to 6 feet in length

In an interview, Guido said that one should first introduce one’s antibacterial properties Peptide can be made in the lab It is not necessary to catch or keep snakes for this Herpetologist Giuseppe Puerto said: “We in Brazil are afraid of those who would go out hunting for jararacussu snakes and say they are saving the world. ”

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