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Durex led The Birds and Bees Talk embarks on year three of its journey with the launch of India’s first music album on growing up – ‘Let’s Talk About It’


The Birds and Bees Talk (TBBT) programme led by Reckitt, the global leader in consumer healthcare marks its entry into year three by unveiling India’s first music album on growing up ‘Let’s Talk About it’. The music album is launched under the thought leadership of Reckitt and Plan India in collaboration with Department of Education, Government of Manipur. The album is conceptualized with an aim to expand the programme’s reach to a large audience to create the necessary awareness about sexual and reproductive health amongst the youth and adolescents. The programme aspires to reach 4 million children in year three across the six states of North-Eastern India and arm the youth between the age group of 10-19 years with necessary life skills and address their concerns with regards to growing up. Thus, helping the future generation make informed decisions with regards to their emotional, mental and physical health.

The aim of the album is to channelize the energy of youth in direction that builds empathy, helps in taking positive and informed decisions and to reach out confidently. The programme brings soulful pop music written and composed by talented singers to create a space full of affirmations to build a ‘Healthier Nation’. The album promotes the core principles of Inclusion, Awareness, Consent, Awareness and Protection. The songs through catchy tunes focus on these 5 pillars to empower the adolescents and the youth with critical information that promotes healthy behaviours to grow into responsible, healthy adults. The lyrics of the songs have been carefully articulated from The Birds and Bees Talk curriculum. Each melodious song sends out a strong message on safe & healthy practices.

The Birds and Bees Talk music album will help to set a strong foundation for the initiative, sharing the crucial message of acquiring the right knowledge about protection, pleasure, and consent to ensure healthy development and wellbeing. The songs strongly promote inclusivity, and equity and encourage adolescents to make the right choice.

Over the past year, the programme’s reach has increased digitally by 87 per cent, accompanied by over a 50 per cent rise Inpositive sentiments. The program made sure that COVID 19 did not stop the learnings and launched a robust digital ecosystem so that growth and development years of the young adults are not hindered.

Th. Basanta Singh, Department of Education, Government of Manipur said, “I appreciate The Birds and Bees Talk Project which aims at youths of North East India through an animated and interactive curriculum building on core principles of inclusion, awareness, consent, protection and equity along with supporting rich art, music and cultural heritage. TBBT has very innovatively incorporated music in their project to influence youth and young children. Music often is successful in helping adolescents engage in a process with minimum resistance as they relate to it. I wish all the best to TBBT on its 3rd year launch with a first of a kind song album on growing up for youth.”

Mr. Gaurav Jain, Senior Vice President, Reckitt- South Asia said, “Extraordinary circumstances pushes one to try extraordinary things. ‘The Birds and the Bees Talk’ is an initiative that has been put in place to adapt to the changing world and help shape the newer generations. We want the children/youth of today, to be better and stronger versions of their own selves. Our five pillars- Consent, Protection, Awareness, Equity and Inclusion will enable and empower Gen Zs and be helpful to the curious Gen Alpha generation.

In the campaign’s 3rd phase, we are extremely delighted to partner with Population Foundation of India. Through this association we are looking to enable teachers to have a better understanding on adolescent health and wellbeing in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Delhi. We are confident that addressing children, teachers and parents through this program will help children lead happier and healthier lives.”

Mr. Ravi Bhatnagar, Director- External Affairs & Partnerships, Reckitt- South Asia said, “‘The Birds and the Bees Talk’ is a transformational program as it gives young children and youth a platform to openly discuss their growing up years. It is not just aimed at providing sex education or addressing HIV and other sex related issues, it goes beyond that. This program is one that empowers the children and youth to believe in themselves and teaches them the power of a word like ‘No’. This is a specially curated initiative aligned to 5 key pillars- Consent, Protection, Awareness, Equity and Inclusion. Each of these words has tremendous power to make the young more aware about their rights and what it takes for them to lead a happier life.”

Mr. Mohammed Asif, Executive Director, Plan India stated “Music, art and culture are important and most effective medium to connect to children, young adults and youth. With The Birds And Bees Talk song album, we intend to utilize rich cultural heritage of North East India and promote local music artists and composers to spread correct messages on growing up and provide a platform to ‘Let’s Talk About It’. The Birds And Bees Talk entering in its 3rd phase aims to create a healthier tomorrow by educating youth on the benefits of making healthier choices to ensure physical, mental and sexual well-being.”

The voices behind the song are successfully bringing the flavour of North East and represent the rich music, art, talent and heritage of North East. Our singers have written, composed, and produced original numbers based on our keywords power and protection.  The interesting line up of singers Rahul RajkhowaChungneihao Doungel, Andrea Tariang and The Whoop Band have made this a soulful album that connects to youth, make learning fun and give messages on correct practices of growing up.

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