#Kolkata: I haven’t walked down my familiar alley for a long time. The hymn of Birendra Krishna Bhadra recorded on the laptop was continued as soon as Pujo informed him about the coming calendar. There was no way for the people who were far away from the country to return home. This time Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) was organized by the Bengalis of Durham, Canada (Durga Puja in Canada).

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One afternoon in a cup of tea, they decided to have pujo, kashabana, drums, pujo’s hustle and bustle, “Let’s do pujo this time too.” So the system is the same as the work. Bengali Puja (Durga Puja in Foreign) was organized with great fanfare. The name is Agamni Cultural Association. They organized pujo for the first time. A beautiful idol was given from Kumartuli. This time the idol has been worshiped. The local priest was found. He has worshiped by chanting pure mantras.

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But not 5 day pujo like in Bengal. The Bengalis of Durham performed pujo on 10th and 11th. Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) has been done with devotion. Tried to leave no gaps. Hey, my father speaks Bengali. But not just the idol of Kumartuli, worshiped by chanting pure mantras. Special meals were arranged on the occasion of Pujo. Even cultural events were organized. All these have been handled by the Agamni Cultural Association Whom they call themselves flower mad. And the feeling is that I am sitting at home worship in Calcutta

Prince Bandopadhyay, one of the organizers of the pujo, said, “We have all joined the pujo in accordance with the Kovid protocol. Many people have come to see this pujo. We must miss the pujo in Kolkata. That is why we are organizing this pujo. ” Asmita is one of the organizers of Pujo. He is quite enthusiastic about enjoyment. The menu included khichuri, potato cauliflower curry, labra and chutney. And one day, polao, cheese curry, potato cauliflower curry, chutney. Besides, there was Panchabanjan. Devapriya, who is busy organizing Pujo, says she didn’t get much like the country. But there was a stubbornness in our minds that we can worship.


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