Durga Puja 2021: Get Pujo sweets at home in America! Fancy Pujo for Bengalis

#NewJersey: Sit at home and enjoy Durga Puja, get Pujo flowers-prasad-sweets with it Fancy ideas Garden State Pujo Committee (Garden City Pujo Committee) 6 This Pujo (Durga Puja USA) in the United States of America started in 40 years This pujo is one of the oldest Durga pujos scattered in different parts of the United States. As a result, it is quite advanced in terms of weight and age

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This pujo in Jersey City (New Jersy) is basically a Ukend Pujo 7 In this two-day puja, a gathering of 800 to 1000 people gathers to visit Kolkata! The Bengalis present at the pujo floated with emotion However, since last year, the joy of Corona’s wealth has ebbed This year also there are various restrictions in worship Entrepreneurs are arranging pujo in a very small way Pujo is usually held in a large place, in the middle of the city This time Pujo 6 is going away 8 much smaller in size Ordinary people also enter Naibanaibach 7 The Pujo Committee does not want to take any risk keeping in mind the Corona outbreak So again the emphasis is on digital puja (Digital Puja) He has special thoughts with him Members of the Garden State Pujo Committee are reaching out to every Bengali living in the United States.

As digital pujas are planned to be shown digitally, Bengalis can enjoy this Durga Puja from anywhere in the United States (USA Durga Puja). Like entrepreneurship 6 With this there is the benefit of online anjali 7

8-year-olds have not yet been vaccinated Many people have complex physical problems and above all, it is better for the elderly to be under house arrest In this situation, it is convenient for them to pay homage to Durga Pujo while sitting at home From that thought, Jersey City’s fancy step 7 And the puja prasad, along with the puja flowers, will reach the homes of those who pay homage. The Jersey City event will evoke the nostalgia for those pujas at home, just as the pujas in Kolkata do. But you have to wait for two or three days Because the blessing of the mother in the box will go to the post!

There is an online entertainment system 7 together In the evening, the musical concert will be seen in the creation of Devajyoti Mishra. There is an opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures at a small price

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