Durga Puja 2021 International: I think a piece of Kolkata, Indonesia will be surprised to know about this puja …

#Indonesia: The joy of Durga Puja and its feeling, it is not only the joy of Pujo for Bengalis, its scope is spread in every corner of the world centering on this festival. This Durga Pujo has become a big and grand festival to be celebrated with people of different languages, different races and religions and the Bengali nation has been carrying its own existence all over the world through this pujo.

For the expatriate Bengalis of Jakarta, these five days are a day of bliss. The Jakarta Bengali Association has been celebrating this Durga Pujo for 36 years. Like every year, this year too, the Bengali residents are getting a taste of a new life. After almost two years, people have returned to the normal rhythm of life. And in that connection, this time in Durgapujo of Indonesia also that touch of joy.

'Family Man' is also involved ... ‘Family Man’ is also involved …

Is there a discount for obeying the rules of foreign countries? Absolutely not. On the contrary, like this Bengal, following all the rules and regulations of Pujo, this Durgotsab is being celebrated with great pomp again. This Durga Pujo of the Bengali Association of Jakarta carries on the tradition of the old Pujo of Bengal. This year’s festival is being celebrated every day with pujo bhog prasad and morning-afternoon bhuribhoj. This year, the committee members of the Jakarta Bengali Association visited each of their members’ homes and delivered a similar red sari brought from Kolkata. As a result, during the puja, the same dress of everyone seems to have created another obsession.

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Bhog has also been distributed in the soil massage on Ashtami this year. Every day in the evening of Pujo there are cultural programs of different tastes. The women of the organization are performing an impeccable Dhunuchi dance together. He is accompanied by various types of songs, recitations, song fights, shruti dramas and various cultural programs. All in all, this five-day Durga Pujo of the Bengali Association in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, seems to have become a piece of Kolkata.

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