#Tronto: Sharad (Durga Puja 2021) is unique. Unique Shardiya. The awakening of Goddess Durga is here a few days ago with the fragrance of Ashwin’s hyacinth. Expatriate Bengalis here will get a taste of Shardiya again before Kolkata. Wanting to know where? Across seven seas and thirteen rivers, Mother Bodhan’s address is as far away as Canada. My worship in Canada is similar to the worship of the goddess Toronto.

2011 Puja (Durga Puja 2021) begins. Kovid (Coronavirus) has taken away the worship of the ninth year mother. In the tenth year, the worship of Dashbhuja will have to follow the rules of Kovid. On 9th and 10th October, the Bengalis from all over the world will celebrate the tenth year of Pujo. Every year, Bengali and Canadian cultures merge around Durgapujo. City of Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown will inaugurate the tenth year of Pujo. However, this time the pujo will end in Toronto before the banana bath in Calcutta. All the ceremonies of Pujo will be held on 9th and 10th October.

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The sixth goddess Kalpana, Bodhan, the seventh Kalabu bathing life and the eighth Sandhi Pujo will be on the 9th. The 10th will be Nishiyapan on the ninth and Sindurkhela on the tenth. In Toronto, 10-12 Durga Pujos are performed with devotion. But the one and only Bara Pujo of Greater Toronto (Durga Puja 2021) is from Brampton. Despite the Corona rules, this time Pujo will have a gathering of at least 150 people for two days, says Chatterjee, one of the most beloved Pujo entrepreneurs, Vishwampayan Bhattacharya. In the tenth year, there is an Elahi arrangement of various Bengali food in Pet Pujo. Luchi, gram pulses, kachuri potato curry, bhog prasad, special jillipi.

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Apart from Bhog Prasad, there will be special packets for lunch and dinner. Those who can stay for 2 days of Pujo have to register their names in advance. There will be a meal for all the registered members who come to the Pujo Mandapa. Tagore is not brought to Toronto every year. 2019 Thakur arrives in Toronto from Kumartuli. Due to the corona of 2020, there was no worship. Thakur (Durga Puja 2021) is kept in a member’s house. All the rituals of mother’s puja will be observed in 2 days and 5 days. This time, there will be no chance to breathe, says Moumita Aurora, who handles Pujo’s responsibilities.

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Moumita says, time is short. There are various cultural programs with him. Agamani starts with dance followed by drama, recitation. There are also group musical performances. Bollywood Dance Competition. The exercise has already started in full swing. Only a few days in hand. This time before Kolkata, the Bengalis of Toronto were overwhelmed by Shardiya’s appeal.


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