Durga Puja 2021: The Puja is organized by the Friendship Club of Stuttgart, Germany, with all the supplies of joy!

# Stuttgart: On the world map, Stuttgart, Germany is known as the headquarters of luxury car companies Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. The Durga Puja of the Bengalis (Durga Puja at Stuttgart) has taken place in that city A handful of forts are worshiped at the southern tip of Germany But this time, the Pujo Stuttgart public Durga Pujo of the Friendship Club is ready to catch everyone’s eye.

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The event started last year In 2020, the idol of mother Durga was moved from Swarup Nandi’s studio in Kolkata However, with the rise of Corona (COVID19), no one was able to enjoy Pujo like that last year. The Friendship Club of Stuttgart was no exception However, this year, everyone is ready to rejoice in Durga Puja as the power of Corona is under control.

Durgapujo at the Friendship Club in Stuttgart, Germany Durgapujo at the Friendship Club in Stuttgart, Germany

Far away from Kolkata, all the Bengalis left behind by their families are ready to float in nostalgia. Friendship Club Entrepreneurs (Germany Stuttgart Durga Puja 2021) are arranging everything related to Pujo, not just devotion. Pujo rituals are followed by beautiful mandapa decorations, light fairs, dhakar bowls, and evening aartis. Dhunuchi dance is not going to be left out, Fuchkar stall! In other words, the Bengalis living in Stuttgart are ready to immerse themselves in Bengali for a few days of Pujo.

Usually weekends are worshiped abroad However, the pujo will continue for four days A cultural program has also been organized at the end of the puja Where small to large, everyone will participate Pujo’s outfit, dance with Pujo’s song, everything is there In other words, on the 4th day, the final engagement will be around the pujo There will be Durgapujo and there will be no enjoyment of Pujo, that’s what happens! There are arrangements for consumption in the morning and evening for 4 days Vegetarian meals (khichuri, aluvaja, beguni, polao, dal, paneer) are arranged according to the tradition, as is the arrangement of non-vegetarian food. It has been replaced by Chicken Tikka Masala – Biryani – Chicken Pokora – Chicken Korma, and many more. The last leaf will have all kinds of sweets

Pujo 7 has been organized by the Friendship Club of Stuttgart, Germany Bengalis far away from Bengal are busy trying to present the heritage and culture of Bengal to the world.

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