Durga Puja 2021 || Towards the end of the shopping puja, ‘Mother’ is coming to Texas with the scent of hyacinths.

# Texas: The scorching sun has begun to soften. The shimmering basanti sun in the afternoon makes one feel nostalgic. My city Kolkata (Kolkata) is surely organizing a wonderful outfit now. The smell of new clothes in the house, the meeting in the neighborhood, the meeting with the smoky cup of tea is surely being discussed. Puja (Durga Puja 2021) How many days will it rain? ‘ The discussion of this pujo in the midst of the daily life and death procession in Corona Atimari is like the fragrance of a dew-drenched hyacinth under a piece of open sky.

Pujo (Durga Puja 2021) is coming. Mom is coming. But Pujo’s exciting ‘magic’ is not found on the banks of the seven seas and thirteen rivers. There is no smell of new broken sarees on the morning of the 6th, there is no chatting in the pandals of the neighborhood, there is no overflowing crowd of Agrol shops sitting on the side of the road. But not so much where the crowds are, there is our passion and love for tradition Based on this feeling, ‘Greater Austin BongoBasi’ was established in 2016 as a non-profit organization. In order to preserve their culture to the next generation, this organization is designed to connect hearts with distant countries. Every year during the pujo, a two-day pujo is organized on one weekend.

From arranging the mother’s mandapa, pujo, anjali, arrangements for enjoyment, cultural ceremonies, Sindurkhela are all organized and enjoyed for two days by all together. Even in the midst of our hectic daily routine, rehearsals of cultural programs, preparation of mandapasajja, flowers, belpata, tulsi, durbar are arranged from different places. The evening of our puja is enlivened by the presence of an established artist as well as the elders and children of the family associated with the organization. At the end of Puja (Durga Puja 2021) the mother is not abandoned (in this country such arrangements are made). So he is kept in a certain storage with utmost care. Not only Pujo, every year our organization tries to deliver different kinds of aid to different organizations in the country and in Austin. For the two days of Pujo, everything from khichuri, purple, chutney to mutton tan, polao is prepared to satisfy the taste buds.

This year too, our puja (Durga Puja 2021) has been organized on 9th and 10th October, saving our pleasure from the frown of Coronad (Covid 19 Pandemic) and following all the rules of CDC. All the rules, consumption, food arrangements of Pujo will be done in accordance with the safety protocols. The event of our family members will be uploaded on our Facebook page and YouTube and a cultural music event has been organized on one day of Pujo.

Sitting in faraway Texas for a couple of days, we will immerse ourselves in nostalgia and enjoy the mute of our own existence, and pray to Ma Durga to keep everyone well, keep them healthy and give them the strength to overcome the extremes.

(Diplekha Chakraborty, a resident of Texas and one of the pujo promoters of Greater Austin Bengal)

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