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Durga Puja International 2021: Starting from home garage, 38 year old Durga Puja is spreading all over Indonesia!


#Jakarta: If you want to say it in words, there is a way, but it sounds straightforward, but it is not so straightforward. The only Durga Pujo held in Indonesia for 36 consecutive years. However, the Jakarta Bengali Association has made it possible. With the help of the generous and generous minded citizens of this wonderful natural and mineral rich country, the only Durga Pujo in the whole country of Indonesia since 1982, which has been held for five days in full compliance with the rules, principles and time of Durga Pujo in West Bengal.

Every year, even last year, the plague of this terrible epidemic could not prevent this fort festival from being held in Jakarta. The practice that some enthusiastic Bengali families started 36 years ago is still continuing today. From bringing an idol from Kumartuli in Calcutta to flying a priest from Calcutta, there is no exception in this Durga Pujo of the Bengalis of Jakarta. The way in which the ninety Bengali families have carried on the culture of their motherland and the customs of the Bengalis equally outside their own country is truly a unique achievement for them. As the children of the family grow up equally, they are able to integrate themselves into the culture of Bengal through the Durga Pujo of the Jakarta Bengali Association and various cultural activities throughout the year.

The puja started 37 years ago from the garage of a house. Today, the Durga Pujo of the Bengalis of Jakarta is a five-day bhog prasad in front of the seven feet high fiber ‘Ma Durga’ and family idols in the Hindu Shiva temple in Pluit area of ​​Jakarta with about a thousand visitors. Distributed, continues to be held in the grand assembly. Waking up at night, arranging pandals, from giving alpana to red fringed sari, drums, conch and eel sounds, dhunuchi dance, one hundred and one lotus flowers, banana wife, khichuri payes, dashmir vermilion game, mother’s floating in the boat, sweet face of Vijay, Rasgolla, the cultural event of the Vijaya Conference – nothing is left out of this long day Durga Pujo. It can be said that outside Bengal, another West Bengal has been arranged by the Bengalis of different provinces of India in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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In different years, different musicians from Kolkata have come and participated in the Vijaya celebrations of the Jakarta Bengali Association. Last year too, they stood by the Kolkata artists during the epidemic, organized virtual music events with them, and came forward to help them financially. Continuing the tradition of this Durga Puja, this Durga Puja is going to be held under the supervision of Shri Subrata Mukherjee and many old Bengalis of Jakarta and people who have been associated with this Puja for a long time. Jakarta has become a government-licensed NGO of the Bengali Association of Indonesia. Through their various social development works, they have been able to establish India’s motto “Sebai Brihat Dharma” not only for themselves but also in other countries 6330 km away from Bengal.

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