#Ontario: Barry is a small town in the Canadian province of Ontario. The city is a little north so there is a little bit of cold in winter. The population is also low. Few families speak Bengali. But from time immemorial, the four-room Bengali means that Birendra Krishna, who has gathered in the mahalaya, has become a gentleman and a goddess. The same thing happened in Barry. For the first time, the Bengalis of Barry are drinking in Durga Pujo.

For the first time Durga Puja, Jhakki is no less. Meanwhile, Shire Kovid’s fear. In this situation very satisfactorily, all the rules have to be followed. We could not rent any large space for the residents of Barry. Pujo is organized in a big hall of an expatriate’s house.

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More fancy idol plans. One member was saying, we made the idol of mother ourselves. One of our members brought a Madurga mold from India online and in it we shaped the mother statue. We call on mother with small but lots of heartfelt love.

Another expatriate told Pujo’s plan. In his words, we will make the mother’s enjoyment ourselves. A cultural event has been organized in the evening. We will do small events ourselves.

It was learned that a grand puja has been organized from October 15 to October 16. Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated in the snow-covered country. But Durgapujo is not a child’s play. Who will take responsibility! Word came out that out of these six families, there is one family who has Durgapujo in their country house. With the price of experience, the burden of Pujo has been left in the hands of this family.

Although we started the pujo initiative with 8 families, now many Indians want to join our pujo. Barry’s Bengalis are also arranging for broadcasting through a small Facebook group as it is not possible to gather more people in a cowardly situation.

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