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Earn 60 lakh rupees by renting your own clothes, bought a dream house, the world is jealous of the young woman’s fate! – News18 Bangla


#Melbourne: The first thing that comes to people’s mind to go somewhere is the new dress. To go to an event, to go to a party, to go to a fashion show, the first thing that comes to mind is a new dress. Because you need a new dress to go to a new party. Brittany McQuade of Melbourne, Australia understands this kind of mentality of women very well. So he used it for his own business (Viral News).

Brittany McCoad started an online dress rental business at the age of 20. She has earned over a lakh rupees in this dress rental business. With that money, Brittany McCoy bought her dream home (Viral News).

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Brittany McCawad started renting her dress online to others in 2016. Speaking to, Brittany McCawad said she had a lot of dresses that she only wore once. As a result, the dresses were advertised online by Brittany McCoad for rent to others.

The market for renting dresses is huge, because many people do not like to buy a dress with only 5000 rupees for one time. That’s why Britney McCaw started renting out her clothes to others at the Secret Trade Sales site.

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One such dress can be rented for Rs. According to The Sun, Brittany McCoad said the business is likely to get double the money back. In the last 4 years, Brittany McCoad has earned around Rs 60 lakh from this online dress rental business.

With that rent, Brittany McCaw bought another new dress. Once the new dress is worn, the dress is rented out online. Brittany also posted her dress on social networking site Instagram.

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The number of followers of Brittany McCawad’s account called brittanymcquade on Instagram is about 20,000. They love the variety of Britannia McCawd dresses. At the age of 24, Britney McCoy has made an advance deposit of Rs 3 crore to buy a two-bedroom townhouse worth Rs 3.5 crore from her own business.

Brittany McCoy started her business with 25 dresses. Now she has over 300 dresses. The rent of these is between 1100 rupees to 2200 rupees.

Brittany McCawad’s fashion sense is also very good. She posted different dresses on Instagram and bought them in different sizes with the feedback of others and gave them for rent on the online site.

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