Earthquake | Earthquake shakes land, houses tremble, watch viral video

#Melbourne: A strange earthquake shook Melbourne, Australia (Australia Earthquake). Panic erupted at 7 a.m. Wednesday in the quake Different houses trembled The wall began to fall Panicked people took to the streets of Melbourne (Earthquake) He started running

Although there is a moderate earthquake on the Richter scale, the quake is widely felt in Melbourne. The quake struck at 9 a.m. local time in Australia (Australia Earthquake) The epicenter was reported at a distance of 100 km

The US Geological Survey said the magnitude of the Melbourne quake was 5.8, followed by 5.9. The epicenter was reported at a depth of 10 km below the ground

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The epicenter was reported below the Melbourne earthquake site. Bricks keep falling from the house on Chapel Street in Melbourne

The 33-year-old Jume Fim Melbourne cafe owner said he felt the tremors on the street. In an interview with AFP, he said the whole house was shaking All the windows were shaking It seemed that the waves were vibrating

He said he was trembling with fear, he had never had such fear

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