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Equador Quito: Long live friendship! Friends picked up the friend from the grave and hit the bike


#Quito: Friendship. Which is not a blood relationship. However, this relationship is more valuable to many people than blood relationship. There are often many videos and photos that set a living example of friendship. Recently, a picture of a group of friends was posted on social media. It is seen that a group of youths are carrying the body of a friend from the grave and riding their bikes around the city for the last time.

The body was exhumed from the coffin.

The body of a young man named Eric Sedeno was exhumed. A friend of Eric’s claimed that they had obtained permission from his parents to exhume his dear friend’s body. This is how a friend’s funeral takes place in Ecuador.

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He pushed his friend around on the bike.

According to a report, three youths were seen walking around the city on a motorcycle. Surprisingly, there was a lifeless body between the two friends on that bike. That group of friends is riding the bike as if the friend in the middle is still alive. This is how they used to wander in the alleys of the city. Sometimes they are matching hands.

This is how a friend is said goodbye-

According to the Daily Star, the youth group wanted to pay their last respects to their dear friend. And the friend’s last wish was that after his death, his friends would take him around the city on a bike at least once. So they wanted to say goodbye to their dear friend. Eric died last week. Someone shot him while he was attending a funeral. He was only 21 years old.

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The first such incident took place in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, police said. Police described it as an unusual and wrong approach. However, police did not arrest any of the group of friends or start any investigation into the incident. Because the funeral is considered a private ceremony and no charges have been filed against any person.

The practice of removing the corpse from the coffin-

Note that in some countries of the world, it is customary to remove the dead from the coffin to take care of the dead relatives and friends. Toraja’s rule in the highlands of South Sulawesi is that once a year the corpses of dead relatives and friends are removed from the graves and included in the annual festival. Even the corpses of children are raised from the graves through a three-day celebration.

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