#Taiwan: Taiwan’s geographical distance with China is only 60 kilometers. China can attack Taiwan as it sees fit. With an army four times the size of a dragon, snatching Taiwan is not a difficult task. But the island nation of Taiwan will not leave China easily. The Taiwan Air Force has been conducting drills with American F-16s for the past few months. The air defense system is always alert. Taiwan has openly challenged Beijing. If Jinping’s forces come to occupy Taiwan, they will suffer the consequences.

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It remains to be seen whether China will dare to attack Taiwan, even though it is ahead of the number of warplanes and attack helicopters. US President Joe Biden has said that if China invades Taiwan, the United States will come forward to provide defense assistance to Taiwan. Observers say growing tensions will increase the risk of clashes between China and the United States. The United States maintains an informal relationship with Taiwan. China, meanwhile, has been reluctant to support Taiwan’s defense.

The United States recently said it wanted to deepen ties with Taiwan. Sandra Odkirk, the new director of the American Institute in Taiwan, said the United States also wants to work to address China’s ongoing deadly influence in Taiwan. He said Washington is deeply committed to Taiwan and is actively working on new areas of cooperation, such as cyber security and the supply chain.

Beijing has maintained constant military pressure on Taiwan. Even a few days later, Chinese military aircraft were seen rehearsing in the skies of Taiwan. Recently, 150 warplanes entered Taiwan’s airspace, the highest ever. Amid the unrest between Beijing and Taiwan, the first official delegation of the European Parliament has visited Taiwan.

This time, the officials assured Taiwan that they were not alone. Taipei is under increasing pressure from Beijing. In such a situation, bold steps have been called for to strengthen EU-Taiwan relations.

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