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Exclusive: ‘Did the Taliban threaten before the shooting?’ Bengali director’s reply to Escape from Taliban …


The situation in Afghanistan is deplorable The general population of the country is trembling at the sight of the Taliban regime There has been a rush among people in Qatar to leave the country However, Taliban spokesman Jabiullah Mujahid said peace had not been reached No one is being assured of that A link between Afghanistan and Bengalis was formed by Susmita Banerjee. She was Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife)3 Later, a picture was made in Hindi based on his book Name Escape from Taliban Manisha Kairala played the title role The director was Ujjal Chatterjee, a Bengali He went to Afghanistan for a photo shoot News18 Bangla Pooja Basu Dutt talks to the Bengali director about the memories of that time and the current situation in Afghanistan.

Question: Escape from Taliban went to Afghanistan for shooting How was that experience?

Answer- I went to Afghanistan in September 2002 to do Reiki for a photo shoot I reached Sarana (next to Malkana) where Sushmita’s father-in-law’s house was And shortly after arriving there, the phone rang to find out our identities A very dangerous situation is created I saw how the girls were oppressed there That place was far away from Kabul In other words, at that time there was such a frightening situation far away from the cities Which has now started in Kabul or other cities It’s really scary While we were there, we received a phone call from the Home Office telling us to leave early. Really, if that phone hadn’t come that day, and we hadn’t come out on time, I don’t know what would have happened today.

Q: Ever been afraid to shoot? Because everyone knows about the Taliban in Afghanistan And your picture was also involved in them!

Answer- Threats came many times Al Qaeda threatened 7 I was in police protection for 6 years I am still talking to you on the phone again and again, my wife is forbidding Because he knows what the situation was like at that time

Stills from the movie Stills from the movie

Q: Did you change your mind about Afghanistan before and after the shooting?

Answer- No, absolutely one It’s worse than what I heard If you don’t see how girls are made slaves for enjoyment, you can’t believe it Girls are beaten in the streets A fanatical gang knows how to torture girls Not only girls but also boys are oppressed However, in the name of religion, they discriminate And the respect of girls is far away, they are considered only as instruments for giving birth to children

Q: During filming, before and after Sushmita Banerjee talks about the Taliban or the country that is not in the book or in the film.

Answer- Yes, it is about his daughter He did not have children of his own The Taliban kicked her in the abdomen while she was pregnant The child is ruined Later, he loved Jay’s daughter like his own daughter Named Tinni 7 He wanted to teach Tinni As soon as he was brought from the camp, he went back to Afghanistan But he did not return He was shot dead by the Taliban

Ujjal Chatterjee with Manisha Koirala Ujjal Chatterjee with Manisha Koirala

Q: What does it feel like to see such a problem in Afghanistan now?

Answer- The Taliban, who can engage in physical abuse with mothers, sisters and children, can wipe out girls. That is what they want It looks very bad

Defense: It is known that Sushmita Banerjee was shot by the Taliban Now the Taliban leaders are saying that they have changed How true can you accept that?

Answer- Absolutely false, they can’t change that All that is said is a lie Thinking about what happened to us 18 years ago, now it is a thorn in our side Then it is better not to think in one word that they will change

(Apart from National Award winning director Ujjwal Chatterjee, Escape from Taliban, his films include Rise, Search, Swabhoomi, Gondi, Kalratri, Bhumika etc. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Central Board of Film Certification. He is the judge of Chitra Bharati Film Festival in New Delhi.

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