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#Kabul: The Taliban are desperate to occupy the Andarab Valley, the gateway to Panjshir in Northern Baghlan Province. Here a resistance force has been formed against the Taliban under the leadership of Ahmad Massoud He is accompanied by the current self-proclaimed acting president of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh. In the interview, Saleh is candid about the relationship between the Taliban and world politics.

Question: What would you say about the fall of the Afghan state and the departure of Ashraf Ghani from Afghanistan?

Answer: I don’t think there is a need to talk about all this right now, now is not the right time to talk about all this, it can be discussed later.

Question: Who do you blame for the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan and why? What effect will the occupation of Kabul have on your country and the world? Will Afghanistan become a hotbed of terrorism this time?

Answer: It is very clear that the Taliban were never under pressure. Pakistan has come to their aid. They had free movement in the neighboring countries. I think the US has also tried to encourage Pakistan’s cooperation. Pakistan has always been used as a base by the Taliban. People in all parts of Pakistan, not just in certain areas, have somehow supported the Taliban. Even the money sent by the United States to the peace process and Pakistan’s development has helped the Taliban terrorism. Allies in the West have never considered resolving the issue of supporting the terrorism of a nuclear state like Afghanistan. The Taliban also received extra oxygen after the meeting in Doha. The purpose of the Doha meeting was to hide everything from the international system.

Another reason is that in the last two years, the United States has put unusual pressure on our democracy. They blackmailed us and said either release the prisoners or we will stop helping you. We said is it certain that these people will not be at the forefront of creating conflict? That didn’t come to the answer, but later they were seen to be in the front row. This does not mean the release of prisoners, it is the gift of the Taliban to a group of radical-minded fighters.

The fourth reason is that there were some people in our government who did not pay much attention to the situation. In addition to all this, there are other reasons why Afghanistan is on the path to such a tragedy.

NATO is gone now, the US military is gone, but the Afghan people are not gone yet. Terrorists have occupied Afghanistan, including Kabul. Today, a money launderer who is backed by al-Qaeda, who was facilitating transactions between the Taliban, has become the governor of the Afghan Central Bank. The Haqqanis are driving Kabul. And there is no need to explain who these Haqqanis are. It is a shame and a betrayal; I don’t want to be a part of it. I will never accept the Taliban. I will fight to the last drop of blood on my body. Afghanistan will remain Afghanistan, there will never be Taliban.

Question: What do you think about American attitudes and behavior throughout this episode? What do you think of their sudden departure and abandonment of so many weapons and ammunition?

Answer: The United States is the most powerful military power in the world. I don’t wish them anything bad. But I will say that a wrong political decision has brought about such a collapse. This decision had nothing to do with the US military or American intelligence. It was understood that even the super power could accept the bow. The media around the world is already criticizing him. It is a wrong decision that has begun to pay off.

Question: This means that there is no doubt that the US has misunderstood the Taliban threat. You were the vice president in the administration of Ashraf Ghani. What was the negligence of your government that they did not understand what conspiracy is going on in the country?

Answer: If a superpower decides to go this way or that way, we can’t change their attitude. I know, I was in a big position in the country. However, I have been warning about this since 2 years ago. Today he has to pay his dues. I knew in advance that America’s words were worthless, that they had failed to deliver on their promises. It is a completely political decision. In no way is it the decision of the American military or American intelligence. Washington’s recent political victory has strengthened the Taliban.

Question: What is the security situation in Panjshir Valley? Where are you and Ahmed Masood leading the armed resistance against the Taliban? There are reports that the Taliban are sending hundreds of fighters to attack the Panjshir Valley!

Answer: I am here, the safety of the people here is much better. I will fight as many people as the Taliban send. They will never be able to take over here.

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