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Face the jungle! The lioness filled his life with love seven years ago; Video goes viral! – News18 Bangla


A lion is approaching a person in Shunshan place. In excitement, everyone started cutting in the village. But what is this! The lioness fell in love with the man without hurting him. Surprising to hear, but recently such a mind-blowing video has gone viral (Viral Video).

The video shows a man confronting a lion, but surprisingly the lion does not attack him but begins to show love to him (Man meet Lioness). In fact, the person in the video is Kevin Richardson. Who is a famous wildlife conservationist. As a child, he saved Meg, a lioness, seven years ago. But not just the lioness, Kevin’s love for the lioness is evident in the video.

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Kevin posted the video on his Facebook page. Which has already become quite popular. According to the video, Kevin Savana came to the forest to meet a lion he had rescued from poachers seven years earlier. Kevin saved Meg while being sold illegally by thieves. Kevin then brings Meg to a sanctuary. That’s where Meg gradually grew away from humans. Meanwhile, Kevin also had to stay away from Meg as he had been busy with various activities in the past. However, despite being small, Meg did not forget the benefits of Kevin. That’s why when Kevin returned to see Kevin after seven years, it wasn’t a mistake to recognize him.

The video clearly shows that at first the lioness looks at Kevin as if she wants to recognize him. After that he started walking slowly. At first glance it seemed as if she was coming to hunt Kevin, but as soon as she recognized her old friend she jumped up and started licking him. Meg hugs Kevin in the water. Everyone on social media was shocked to see such a shocking video.

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We have already seen signs of friendship between humans and animals. Which is sometimes more intact than the friendship of two people. Because even though there is cunning in human beings, there is never such feeling in animals. So once an animal becomes a friend, they maintain that friendship year after year. The video, which went viral recently, showed a similar emotional scene. Many have written in the comments, tears came after watching the video.

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