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New York: What a mess! A man went to kill a snake and set fire to his own house This is what happened recently in Maryland, USA (Viral News) Even though the snake was chased away from the house, it was repeatedly entering In the end, the owner of the house used fire to get rid of the snake The Maryland homeowner burned down their house trying to smoke out a snake infestation!

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The incident took place at the end of last month As soon as he saw the snake entering the house, he immediately fired at the burning charcoal snake from the fireplace. Of course, snakes are not the only animals that die in this However, the owner of the house thought that it would go somewhere else out of fear But it is a far cry from being hit or killed by a snake. The house is on fire Almost the whole house was burnt down in a moment!

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It is learned that the cost to build the house was around Rs 6 crore in Indian currency The man from Maryland, USA, set fire to his house after killing a snake

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