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#Chin: The current government of Xi Jinping is going to make a big change in Chinese TV broadcasting. It has been announced to ban Effeminate Men on TV shows. New rules have been issued to increase the current government’s influence on China’s trade and society. It has been said that the Communist Party wants control over everything in the country. The Chinese government is working harder to build a healthier society.

A few days ago, some restrictions were imposed on children playing online games. After that, the government of that country has taken a big decision, it has been announced to ban female men in TV entertainment. Because, the government’s claim that the entertainment of female men is affecting the youth community of the country. As a result, such content has been condemned in harsh terms.

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The Chinese government has expressed concern that the ban will be imposed on some pop stars. Because, there are some stars among them who are getting inspiration from Japanese or Korean pop stars. Chinese government officials claim that China’s rising pop stars are not becoming masculine enough. As a result, their broadcasting on TV is having a negative impact on the barley community.

In addition, pornographic content of Internet stars on TV has also been banned from airing. Instead, Chinese tradition, revolutionary culture, and the promotion of high-quality social culture are mentioned. In addition to all this, the Xi Jinping government is also going to impose some strict rules on China’s use of the Internet, sources said.

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Some rules have also been brought on playing games for children and teenagers in that country. It said children under the age of 18 would be allowed to play online games three hours a week. So new game developers have to get permission from the government before starting anything. On the other hand, some special fatwas have been issued for the stars. Even the children of the stars have been banned from airing any program on TV.

Last Saturday the microblogging platform Weibo Corp. Sources said that more than a thousand accounts related to fan clubs and entertainment news have been shut down. Popular Chinese actress Zhao Wei has suddenly disappeared from streaming platforms. There have even been allegations that his name has been removed from movies and TV programs.

The Chinese government is also strict on the issue so that no star can pay taxes. Actress Zheng Shuang was fined 299 million yuan last week for tax evasion. All the stars are also warned to pay taxes on time so that the common people also take the right steps after seeing them.

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