First female Afghan pilot says she is worried about the women security in Afghanistan. Afghanistan

#Kabul: Nilufar Rahmani, the country’s first female pilot, warned about the safety of women in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has recently been occupied by the Taliban. And since then, the safety of Afghan women in that country has been in question. Meanwhile, social worker and pilot Nilufar said that Afghanistan has once again become a nightmare for women.

Violence is already on the rise in Afghanistan. Many people have been displaced. The UN refugee agency says 80 per cent of those who have left the country since the end of May are women and children. And now that the Taliban regime has begun, women are suffering from an existential crisis. Their fear is, and maybe women won’t be able to go out to work, teenagers won’t even be able to go to school. Many are remembering the memories of 1996 to 2001. When women were beaten for not covering their faces in public on the streets. The same fate befell women even if they had no male relatives. But little by little, women have gained so much freedom since then that they are afraid of losing it again when the Taliban return.

Although the Taliban spokesman claims, they will allow women to get an education. Although many do not believe the Taliban. Even the first female pilot did not believe the Taliban’s promise. He claimed that the Taliban would hurt women. Nilufar was encouraged by his family to advance in his career. And so his family has repeatedly been targeted by the Taliban. The 29-year-old pilot was forced to leave the country in 2015 and move to the United States.

“Unfortunately my family is still there,” Nilufar says. I have not been able to sleep since I heard about the situation in Afghanistan. I am very worried about their safety. But she is proud to be an Afghan woman pilot. Hopefully someone will rescue Afghan women soon.

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