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Flush the pet monkey in the toilet! Detention and fine woman – News18 Bangla


#London: The relationship between humans and animals should be absolutely pure. But in this kind of relationship, an animal cannot love an animal as much as a person loves a human being. But there is unconditional love for animals is pure (Viral News).

There are many animal lovers around the world who love animals very much. But there are also people around the world who enjoy harassing or torturing animals. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like for such people to enjoy cruelty to animals (UK Woman Tortured Pet Monkey).

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Recently, such a reprehensible incident has come before everyone. A woman in Britain has inflicted extreme torture on a small marmoset monkey, which has angered animal lovers.

Vicki Holland, 36, of New Port, South Wales, Britain. Netizens are looking for an answer to the question of how you can inflict such cruelty on a small animal even if you are a mother of four. Vicky Holland has been torturing her pet, a small marmoset monkey, for months. The marmoset is a species of monkey. It is very small in size. Vicky Holland, a 36-year-old woman, has been torturing such a monkey day after day.

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Flicked the monkey in the toilet:

According to The Son website, a video was shown during the trial. It turns out that the monkey named Miley is lying in the toilet and the woman suddenly flushes the toilet. The monkey started to go inside the toilet, which made the woman very happy and she started laughing out loud. The little monkey was naturally frightened by the woman’s behavior.

Woman gets punishment:

Another video shows the woman trying to feed the little monkey cocaine. According to reports, Vicky Holland did not pay any attention to that little monkey. He would feed the monkey kebabs, other animal meats, burgers, etc. While trying to save Vicky Holland, some people said that he was scared to see that marmoset monkey because he had never seen such a monkey before. But the court reviewed the case very deeply and ruled that Vicky Holland could not have any kind of pet for life. Vicky Holland was also jailed for 3 months and fined Rs 55,000.

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