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For the first time Darhum people to arrange Durga Puja in 2021


#Durham: Whether in the country or abroad, the sound of arrival comes to mind as soon as the sound of the distant dhaka, the fragrance of hyacinth flowers, the morning song of the mahalaya “Bajlo tomar alore benu.” And the immaculate face of that merciful Mahamaya. This is like a cosmic inspiration. The mind was filled with immense joy even while sitting in distant Durham. And so the Bengali residents of Durham in Greater Toronto are determined, this time in 2021, to start the expatriate Durgapuja (Darhum Drugapuja 2021).

Despite hundreds of eyebrows from the epidemic, this Durham Drugapuja 2021 will be marked as the first year’s pujo. This organization has been named Agamni. This is the fence of the rules of Kovid, the sixteenth upachara of Durgapuja on it, so Sholoana was afraid. However, there is constant discussion and continuous work on the ground of reality.

The entrepreneurial family’s cultural program is long. There will be melodies of Indian classical music, dances to the rhythms of folk songs from various provinces of India, there will be local and foreign choreography with Bollywood songs. Rehearsals are going on as usual. Work has started as per plan some time ago. Statues of Goddess Durga and her family are coming from Calcutta. No one wants to put any flaws in the smooth management of all the arrangements of the main puja.

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Entrepreneurs are also keeping an eye on taste satisfaction. Officials have to sit in virtual meetings from time to time to decide on the perfect arrangement. Agamni is arranging a music video for Theme Song to make the first Durgapujo of this city in exile memorable. The director of the video is choreographer Shri Suklyan Bhattacharya.

In the words of one entrepreneur, “It is the occasion of such a great event to come closer to each other on the occasion of mother’s worship and enjoy this joyous atmosphere together and move forward in this atmosphere of mystical closeness and friendship in the future.”

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