Founder of girls school in Afghanistan burns records to shield students WATCH | Terrible Taliban so as not to touch the students! Unprecedented achievement of the founder of Afghan girls school – News18 Bangla

#Kabul: Desperate to save schoolgirls from the Taliban, the founder of Afghanistan’s only girls’ school made the ultimate decision. Fear of the Taliban burned the records of all the students in the school. And he posted that video on Twitter. Which once again revealed the real picture of Taliban-inhabited Afghanistan. Inside the video, it becomes clear how much the girls of that country stood in front of the darkness during the new Taliban era.

It is the only girls’ school in the whole of Afghanistan. And the future of that school was practically reduced to ashes by the flames of this day. The school’s founder, Shabana Basij-Rosik, wrote on her social media handle about burning student records: “As the founder of Afghanistan’s only girls’ boarding school, I burned all student records. Not to delete students, but to protect them and their families. I am making this statement to convey to the families of our students that we burned this record to protect our students and our supporters. ”

“After the fall of the Taliban in March 2002, thousands of Afghan girls had to be tested for admission to a nearby school because the Taliban burned the records of all the students. I was one of them.”

The Taliban have been in Afghanistan for the last seven days. Fatwa has already started. At the beginning, they said, women also have rights in Sharia. The Taliban are careful enough to protect them. The girls of the country will be able to study up to university. But the militants showed the difference between words and deeds day and night. This time they have issued a fatwa to stop the children from studying together in the co-education school. In this situation, Shabana has to walk the path of burning the records of the girls who came to school. He realized that the next day was going to be even more terrifying. Horrible atrocities can come down on girls. So Shabana lit a fire before swallowing that darkness. This is her difficult decision to provide security to school girls, said a woman who lit the torch of women’s education.

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