#NewDelhi: Events from all over the world go viral on social media. However, this time the video that has caught the attention of the world recently, it seems as if it is horrible. Anyone who sees what happened to a person who came to work out in an empty gym will be sweating profusely. That person has witnessed such an event which can never be imagined even in a dream. And that video is currently going viral on social media.

The ticket was shared by a man named Carlos Lewis. That was later posted on YouTube. It is learned that a man went to work out at a local gymnasium. There was no one else in the gym at that time. The whole incident was captured on CCTV cameras there. Evidence was found in the video that shortly after he entered, a rope hanging from his side began to move by itself. But even then the man did not notice it.

Soon after, a ball placed in front of the person moved out of place by itself. The man was shocked to see that. The real thing happened after that. Someone pushed the man hard as he hurried to the door in fear. He fell to the ground. After that, the incorporeal began to drag him away. The man somehow pulled his body and fled through the door.

Netizens have noticed this horrible video since it was posted on social media. About 12 million people have seen it. After that, if you go to the gym alone, you will be careful. Because, there is no need to be careful.

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