Girlfriend suddenly appeared at home, another partner escaped half-naked to live! Watch the viral video – News18 Bangla

#NewDelhi: How much nothing is viral on social media. How many pictures and videos from different parts of the world catch the eye of the residents of Netpara every day. Various videos are also trending since morning. Recently, a netizen caught a glimpse of a viral video on social media. And after watching this video, many people have covered their faces with shame.

The video, which went viral on Twitter, shows a lover suddenly appearing at her boyfriend’s house. That video was made from the house opposite. The young woman is constantly shouting for the door to open, but no one is listening. But at that time her boyfriend is busy with another woman. Captured in the video, the boyfriend peeked out from the upstairs balcony when he heard his girlfriend screaming.

After this, it can be seen that the boyfriend plotted to get the other partner out of the house half-naked without finding any way. As soon as the lover opens the door of the house and enters, he is seen descending from the balcony only after wearing underwear. The pedestrians saw the scene and some of them rushed forward and helped the woman to get down. An international newspaper claimed the incident took place in Colombia.

Shortly afterwards, a second young woman descended from the balcony and entered a cupboard on the street. Even then, her lover’s suspicions did not subside, so she came out of the house and onto the street again. At that time, he was seen walking down the street in a fit of rage. After that, the half-naked girl tried to escape from the cupboard in front of her. And the lover saw him and chased after him. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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