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#Glasgow: By 2060, India’s carbon emissions will fall to zero This was demanded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Commonwealth Summit on Climate Change in Glasgow, Scotland. At the same time, as the representative of a developing country, the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi in Glasgow) has mentioned five tricks or panchamrit to save from the devastating effects of global warming and climate change.

India has set a target of zero carbon emissions by 2070, but China has said it will do so by 2020. It will take until 2050 for the United States and the European Union to reach this goal

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The goal of zero carbon emissions is to completely eliminate greenhouse gases from the air by planting trees and using advanced technology.

The Prime Minister further said that by 2030, India will meet 50 per cent of its electricity demand through renewable energy. The Prime Minister also demanded that India’s carbon emissions be reduced by another 1 billion tonnes by 2030.

According to experts, global carbon emissions should be reduced to zero by 2050. Otherwise, no one will be spared from the harmful aspects of climate change The Prime Minister also said that by 2030, India will increase its non-fossil energy generation to 500 gigawatts.

Narendra Modi said, “We should think and take appropriate steps without thinking and without wasting.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Glasgow on Sunday from Rome The Prime Minister was welcomed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres. Narendra Modi arrives in Glasgow to attend G20 summit in Italy

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