Dhaka: The creator of ‘Dream of the Sea, Winter Forest’ has faded away. Hasan Azizul Huq passes away (Hasan Azizul Huq passes away) He passed away at his residence in Rajshahi, Bangladesh at 9 pm local time The shadow of mourning for his death is in the literary circles of two Bengalis

Azizul was born on February 2, 1939, in Jabgram, Burdwan, undivided Bengal. In 1947, he too moved with his parents to Khulna in Upper Bengal He completed his post graduation from Rajshahi University in 1970 From 1973 to 2004, he taught philosophy at Rajshahi University for a long time.

His pen has given him one after another timeless stories, novels and essays In 1964, his first story book, Dream of the Sea, Forest of Winter, was published. The name of the first story is ‘Shakun’ Notable among his other works are ‘Atmaja and an oleander tree’, ‘Nameless tribeless’, ‘Underworld, hospital’, ‘Kathakata’, ‘Unpublished burden’, ‘The story of Radhabanga’ and ‘Mother and daughter’s family’. In addition, the reader’s mind echoes the ‘thirst’, ‘spring’, ‘sad night, first watch’, ‘exile’, ‘death’, ‘life’, ‘life rubs fire’, ‘cage’, ‘Bhushaner Ekdin’, ‘Fera’, ‘Mann Tara Shankhini’, ‘Matir Talar Mati’, ‘Shonit Setu’, ‘Ghargeresthi’, ‘Saral Hingsa’, ‘Khanan’, ‘Samukhe Shantir Parabar’, ‘Achin Pakhi’, ‘Widow’s talk’, ‘All afternoon’ and ‘No one came’. Readers have been fascinated by his autobiographies, “Come Back, Come Back,” and “Peeking Horizons.”

Hasan Azizul has been honored with ‘Bangla Academy Sahitya Puraskar’, ‘Ekushey Padak’ and ‘Swadhinata Puraskar’ for his contribution in fiction. In addition to Hindi and English, his works have been translated into Russian, Czech and Japanese

He had been ill for the last few months In August, he was treated at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Dhaka for more than two weeks After recovering a bit, he was taken back to Rajshahi in September

He migrated to the land of no return from his hometown He left behind innumerable pearls of his literature 7 for countless readers

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