How cruel is the Taliban’s rule over women! Afghanistan’s first female graffiti artist’s picture is clear – News18 Bangla

#Kabul: Two decades after the beginning of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. The Presidential Palace in Kabul is now occupied by the Taliban. Journalists and artists still in Afghanistan are trying to bring the situation there to the world through social media. One of them is Shamisha Hassani. Shamisha is the first female graffiti artist in Afghanistan. Several of his paintings on Afghan women are currently being widely shared on the Internet.

One heartbreaking picture after another was seen on Shamisha’s Facebook page. Each of his paintings depicts the situation of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. Exactly how much violence is currently being perpetrated on women can be clearly seen in these paintings.

The artist’s painting ‘Death to Darkness’ shows a Taliban man standing with a gun. A woman wearing hijab is sitting at his feet begging for her life. In front is a tub of white flowers. Another photo shows a baby girl with bloodshot eyes standing in front of a Taliban with a tub of flowers in her hand.

Shamishar Aka is another photo titled ‘nightmare’. The picture shows a girl wearing hijab and burqa holding her favorite synthesizer. Her heart is breaking. Because the Taliban group with guns is standing behind. From 1996-2001, the Taliban in Afghanistan banned music, television and video.

Shamisha’s website says her art tries to highlight a different side of women. Where women have the strength, the ambition and the interest to advance their own goals. The female character in her film is proud, lively and capable of making a positive difference in people’s lives. Over the past decade, Shamisha’s paintings have inspired Afghan women.

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