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In London asking why I am Born | ‘Why did you give birth?’ ‘Rare’ case against the doctor! He also won compensation … – News18 Bangla


#London: A young woman from England (Woman Sues Mom’s Doctor) filed a case against her mother’s doctor. Complaints are also rare. Why was he born? He raised that question. His complaint against the doctor, why the mother was allowed to give birth?

This is not the end, the young woman filed a lawsuit against her mother’s doctor (Woman Sues Mom’s Doctor). He has already won that case. This unprecedented incident was caused by Evie Toombes, a young woman in her twenties in England who was suffering from a serious spinal disease. But why did he go to such a strange case?

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In fact, AV did not get a normal life like the other five people. He has been suffering from a rare spinal disease called Spina Bifida since birth. As a result of this disease, he has to walk with the help of tube 24 hours a day. According to Avi, people like him should not have been born.

Avery’s anger has fallen on her mother’s doctor (Woman Sues Mom’s Doctor). Rare case in London, the doctor complained. Philip Mitchell did not give proper advice to his mother during pregnancy. That is why he has filed a case against the doctor in the court. If the doctor had told his mother that the fetus could be infected with a serious disease, such as spina bifida, he needed to take folic acid-rich foods and necessary medications to reduce the risk, he said. Or if the mother did not have children, she would not have had a sad life.

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A judge in the London High Court on Wednesday ruled that Avery’s case was “unprecedented”. The court observed that if Avi’s mother had been given proper advice, she would have been able to conceive later. In that case, she could give birth to a healthy child! The court also upheld AV’s argument and ordered the doctor to pay a hefty fine. Avery’s lawyer said the court had not yet decided how much the doctor would be fined, but that would be a large sum. And with that money, AV’s next day’s treatment will be.

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