Sunday, July 3, 2022

In New Zealand, the price of ‘Khatiya’ is selling online at only 41 thousand, have you seen?


#Kolkata: Online shopping is very popular in different places now The thing he bought will be a little different from everyone. The search is going on day and night about this However, what is being done in New Zealand’s online merchandise market is that it is being offered in a completely different way.

In the name of trends, Annabelle, a furniture store called Vintage Products, is selling beds in India. They named this product Vintage Indian Daybed The cot is priced at NZ ৮ 800. Which is about 41,211.75 rupees in Indian currency

They are categorized as original and unique in their own right With a cot in India which is being sold at ten times the price of 7

If you want to buy in any local market in India, you have to spend a total of 1000 rupees

For those who don’t know what a cot is, it’s a kind of bed made of woven in a wooden frame. Although it is now a Brahmin in the city, it is widely practiced in the villages

This company is actually associated with India They sell different types of vintage furniture Among them are cupboard, shelf, cupboard 7 They are selling these old things of India at exorbitant prices

In the FAQ section of their site, they wrote that everything from tours to India, China, Indonesia is handmade. They are so old and different that it is a challenge for people to understand the correct color and finish

They sell things imported from India in different categories It is written separately in the description of their social media site

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