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Istanbul: The plane often lands on a highway on an emergency basis Of course, the road needs to be smooth and great for him Otherwise, landing somewhere other than the airport runway is almost the same as crash landing. But a pilot 8 has recently caused a fatal incident on the road in Turkey Not on any road or any other landing He surprised everyone by flying a plane through the tunnel And not just one, the pilot flew the plane effortlessly through two tunnels.

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The video was uploaded to their Twitter page by the popular energy drink maker Red Bull. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral on social media According to the tweet, Italian pilot Dario Costa made this difficult task possible. Everyone is surprised to see the video

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The racing small plane was flown by pilot Dario Costa through the famous Catalca Tunnel. At a speed of about 250 km per hour Which is incredible! The caption also reads, “Dario Kostai is the first man Who flew the plane through two tunnels ”

Sharing his experience, the pilot said, “Everything happened very quickly But after coming out of the first tunnel, the plane was moving to the right due to the wind. Then the speed has to be reduced a bit I just kept an eye on the plane to fly straight ৷ ”

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