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# Dhaka: Bangladeshi singer Moinul Ahsan Nobel did not leave the controversy behind. He got involved in a new debate again. Nobel was accused of taking drugs and behaving indecently while visiting Bandarban in Bangladesh. There are even allegations of beatings of tourists there.

Nobel recently returned from Bandarban and posted a picture on his Facebook page. Noble is seen sitting with one of his girlfriends and taking drugs. So there are also allegations of extramarital affairs against Nobel. In the caption of that photo, Nobel wrote, the cannabis boat goes to Pahartali and Mirabai. As soon as this picture was posted, netizens got angry with him.

According to the media in Bangladesh, Nobel introduced the woman as his wife while visiting Bandarban. After that, Nobel went around there and did all kinds of indecent acts. Sometimes shouting, sometimes drinking. He also behaved very rudely at the hotel around midnight. Even other tourists were reportedly beaten and abused when they came to protest.

Nobel laureate Mehruba Salsabil Mahmud is also angry after learning about the incident. He shared a Facebook post. The post reads, “I don’t know how you take it, but it’s extremely insulting to the tourist area. After uploading pictures of Gaza in Remakri, Nobel came to town and vandalized the hotel in a drunken frenzy. Our grandfather is still sitting on his feet after coming to the hotel and vandalizing it. Are we Bandarban residents so powerless? There is no one to take action? “

Nobel’s wife has also expressed her anger with the status. At one point he writes, “Lately girls are more comfortable going to Bandarban with married boys.” In a long statement, he expressed his displeasure with the Bangladesh government for not taking legal action against Nobel.

He writes, “Please, Bangladesh Police should not arrest or punish any intoxicated student or person from today. Influencers in our country have made it a trend where they upload their intoxicated pictures and the Bangladesh administration is unable to do anything about it. “Bangladesh Police does not have the right to harass on drug related issues. I am really ashamed to be born in a country where violence against women is the yardstick for proving the masculinity of men.”

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