India-Bangladesh flight suspended, flight service between the two countries is not starting now – News18 Bangla

Kolkata: Today, passenger flights between India and Bangladesh are scheduled to resume from August 22, but this is not happening at the moment. It is not clear when it will happen According to a report in the Times of India, flights from Dhaka to Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai are scheduled to resume, but have been suspended for some time. It is learned that the approval of the Government of India has not been received yet

Many people from Bangladesh came to India for treatment This is not good news for them at all Though there is talk of weekly flights between India and Bangladesh on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as on Sundays, it is not happening at present. Apart from Biman Bangladesh, several Indian airlines were also preparing to fly between the two countries That is not happening at the moment As a result, flights between the two countries will have to wait for several more days

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