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Dubai: United Arab Emirates 6 Especially Dubai 7 Thousands of Indians apply for visas every year But in the Covid situation, the picture has been completely different for the last several months The UAE government initially barred all Indians from entering the country in the wake of the second wave of Covid. Later the rules were relaxed a bit Holders of permanent residency or golden visas are allowed to enter the emirate. After the re-launch of Emirates, Etihad and Fly Dubai airlines in India, Indians were also allowed to use the country’s airports as transit routes. This time, it is reported that any Indian citizen who stays outside India for 14 days can also be issued an emirate tourist visa. According to the news agency PTI, this system will start very soon

According to The Gulf News, the scheme will also apply to citizens of Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Citizens with Indian passports who have been out of the country for the last 14 days or two weeks or more will gradually be issued tourist visas in the emirate.

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